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This project was awarded to a Student


Budget: £25.00

Wants a Graphic Designer

Project Description:

Project Name: We Go VEGAN

Aim: To document personal experiences of adopting/ practicing a Vegan (plant based) diet. This will be done in the form of Pictures, Short videos (educational & Parody). It’ll also be used as a social media platform to promote associated Vegan lifestyles and to raise awareness about the exploitation of Animals for Food, Sport, Entertainment, Clothing etc.
- Logo will also be printed on various Merchandise -
• I’d like the Logo to be Very identical to my existing WeGoECO one above.
• Main change would be the word ECO to VEGAN.
• Slight adjustments to the size of logo/ letters so its all positioned proportionately.
• For the Letter ‘V’ (Vegan) perhaps use a plant shaped V (shown below)

Colour: Same colours (Again, open to change) however Green must be the Main colour. Especially the word Vegan I think.
- Different shades of green, Orange, Yellow, White (suggested to colours)

Positioning: Similar layout with the clock and the WeGo on top of the ECO/ VEGAN

Suggestions (not strict guideline, feel free to change)
1) The head of the blue arrow from the clock changes position slightly so that it merges and forms a V for the ‘Vegan’.
2) The leaf from the logo changes position in order for the bottom of the leaf merge into a ‘V’ for the ‘Vegan’
This is a guideline, but do feel free to adjust things if you feel it would look better a different way, providing it isn’t too far away from the We-Go-ECO Logo.

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