£250.00 project on TiTo for Jake
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This project was awarded to a Student


Budget: £250.00

Wants a Developers

Project Description:

I am looking for a website developer to redesign my existing site.

The issue I would like to solve with this new site is I would like it to be built with a good level of SEO so that I haven't got to spend so much money with Google Adwords to come up in search results when customers search for scaffolders in the Ipswich, Colchester, Clacton area.

Secondly, I don’t think we need a huge amount of information on lots of different pages. So I think a Home Page, Contact Us and Our Services would be enough as customers mainly want to know what service we cover if we cover their area and a phone number or email.

Some sites I like the style of are shown below, I prefer simplistic but informative


Currently, I am making do with a free 1-page website from google, check it out at barkescaffolding.business.site

I do already have a Domain barkescaffolding.com hosted by Go Daddy which I would like to keep

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