Student FAQs

Posting a Project

What to expect?

  • Each project category has a recommended budget range. This is for the protection of our students and so that you can get the best value for your money.
  • We advise that you offer a budget above the minimum recommended budget range for each project you want students to work on.
  • Our userbase is growing everyday and we want you to align your expectations of how soon you can receive candidates for your projects.
  • We are onboarding talented students everyday, which means candidate responses to your job posts will vary.

Connecting with Students

  • Once you've discussed and decided on a Student you want to use, award the project to that Student.
  • Awarding a project to a student is very important as your project gets attached to their portfolio, along with all your feedback on the result of the Student's solution.
  • This is important for helping build the Student's credibility in industry. It indicates to future clients/employers that this Student can complete their project.

Using a Student

Student Protection/Fair Use

  • We take student protection and fair use seriously. TiTo is not a platform to get cheaper labour.
  • All of our students want to grow and develop their skills while providing value to all of our clients. We respect their development process and you agreeing to our Student Protection/Fair Use also does the same.
  • Clients must only request work (consisting of drafts up to one, tests or revisions) after a candidate has been awarded the project.
  • Asking candidates to produce countless drafts, revisions or tests counts as misuse and does not abide with our Student Fair Use Policy. These drafts must be specified beforehand and included in the scoping of your project.
  • Failure to do so would result in permanent removal of your project from the TiTo app, a partial refund (up to 60%) of your project budget due to inspection of misuse of the Students as candidates of your project.
  • In the circumstance that there are prolonged duration of projects. Clients must inform the Student & TiTo of any absence during an active project.
  • If the student awarded to your project notifies us that the project has been completed, and you are absent and, or, unresponsive to either us, TiTo, or the student for up to 7 days after your project deadline, we will pay the Student on your behalf.
  • TiTo will review the project in that period to ensure the student has completed the work needed for the project. If it has not been met, the student will be paid up to 80% of the budget after we review the work done.

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