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Client FAQs

Why am I paying 30% on top of my agreed upon budget?

This 30% transaction fee covers:

  • Having access to our directory of Students
  • Maintenance and running of the TiTo platform
  • Protection from abuse of Students running away with your budget
  • Protection of Students from abuse of businesses getting free work

What happens if the Student doesn’t complete the work?

From the point that you have awarded a project to a Student and you experience any issues, we advise all businesses to get in touch with us as quickly as they can so we can help resolve this situation.

There are two options available if this happens:

  • If we, TiTo, cannot reach the student ourselves to get them back on the project, we can begin sourcing you more candidates to help you on this project
  • We can refund you the ‘agreed upon budget’ (this excludes the 30% transaction fee)
    • The 30% transaction fee is non-refundable after your project has been posted as what it covers has already been retained at this point.
    • If that does not satisfy your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us here [email protected] and we will do our best to come to the best resolution for you.

What happens if the Students completed work does not fulfil the projects needs?

If a Student has completed the project for you and you are not satisfied with it, please get in touch with us here [email protected].

We are working hard on providing the necessary tools for you to reduce the risk in finding the best skills for your project. In the mean time the only solutions to this that we can offer are:

  • A partial refund (up to 60%), this excludes the 30% transaction fee
  • No transaction fee on your next project posting

How do I let you know the student has completed the project?

If a Student has completed your project, you can let us know by reviewing the Student on the app or by contacting us directly here: [email protected]

Student FAQs

How do I get paid?

Once the project you have been awarded has been completed, the ‘agreed upon budget’ will be paid directly to your bank account within the next 24 hours after we receive your bank details.

How will you know the project is completed?

We classify a completed project as when a client leaves a ‘review’ under the project you have completed. We are automatically notified when this happens and you should expect to receive the ‘agreed upon budget’ within the next 24 hours after sending us your bank details.

What happens if I don’t complete the project?

We hold the ‘agreed upon budget’ until the project has been completed. There are certain circumstance whereby if you are unresponsive and have not worked on the project for a long period of time, we will allocate the project to another candidate to complete the project. You will not be paid for this project in those circumstances.

What happens if the Client doesn’t pay?

Every project on TiTo has guaranteed payment for completing. For a project to be posted on TiTo, Clients must pay the budget stated on their projects details. Once that has been paid and transferred to our holding account, we then post their project on the app. The ‘agreed upon budget’ will then be transferred to your bank account by us after the project has been completed.

You can rest assured that every project you see on TiTo, if you complete you will get paid for it.

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