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Case Study by Kudakwashe

Skills involved: Book & Magazine Design, Brand Design, Fashion Design, Logo Design, Package Design, Poetry & Creative Writing
Published: 11th Apr

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My Role & The Project Objective

My role was to make an artwork cover that involves my music when i was studying music level 2 btec.

The Problem

As you look at the cover art pictures i made, you will notice how stupid and rookie they are. If atlantic records saw my "Red Roses" song picture artwork. They will sue me because i put their logo on my artwork which is illegal. So this was my problem that i had to solve. And the "My Life Is Flamboyant" song, its really boring and makes your eyes hurt.

My Solution

As you look at the art work pictures, you can see the difference within quality and prosperity. Negative feed back from my fans and haters inspired me to act and be profesdional. You cant see a mahor label that is not mine on the artwork. I gave my art covers life and a soul so people like YOU can comprehend and engage in my artworks

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I am 18 with a unique style and i go to LCCM. I dont like to dress and be like the others, but i can blend in perfectly. I am confident now... read more

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