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Turn your passion
into paid work

Turn your passion into
paid work

TiTo finds you paid work in the areas you’re passionate about. Can you design a Snapchat filter? Know how to code? Write funny tweets? Have the best Instagram pics?

Whatever it is that you do best. TiTo will find you paid work for it.

For inexperienced individuals, it’s a constant challenge to get paid work or find a job in a field they are interested in. Every month, these individuals spend time appling to job boards/freelance sites in hopes of starting a creative career in a field of their passion and earn money from it. This is especially true if you’re a student or recent graduate.

The main problem they face is the lack of “experience” in their field of interest which leads them to apply for jobs that are unrelated to their passion. Today, their best option is an internship, but of course, internships don’t pay (and you’re lucky if they do). With employers rising interests in hiring only the top talent, the problem will continue to get worse over time.

If only there was an easier/better/faster way to get your career started, then you could spend less time applying for jobs that are of no interest to you and more time to focusing on developing your career and earning money. With 2.28 million students in higher education, there is a clear opportunity to meaningfully impact a huge number of people….

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Find paid work in the areas you’re passionate about and start earning money doing what you enjoy.

Passion to paid

Find work in the areas you’re passionate about and start getting paid doing what you enjoy.

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