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The Student Freelancer App

The Student Freelancer App

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So you want experience? You want to increase your skill in the are that you are studying so that you can potentially use it to get a job or pursue a freelance career. That’s why you pay up to £9,000 to sharpen that skill! But with employers demanding you have 3-5yrs experience to get a job, just when you’ve been studying a 3-4yr course, it makes it impossible for you to be considered for any job these days.

This leads them into a cycle of waiting, waiting for your dreams to start. While that happens, your debts don’t go away, your bills don’t pay for themselves. As if that is not bad enough, there is a bigger problem with waiting: The act of waiting leads to reactive professional growth. In other words, your skill set building does not start until you get the job in your career field.

If only there was an easier/better/faster way to get your career started, then you could spend less time applying for jobs that are of no interest to you and more time to focusing on developing your career and earning money. With 2.28 million students in higher education, there is a clear opportunity to meaningfully impact a huge number of people….

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